Nelson’s Annual Preacher’s Sourcebook, Volume 3

The Nelson’s Annual Preacher Sourecebook does what it says on the label.

A compilation of sermon outlines, it includes outlines for funerals, wedding and major holiday. It accesses many different sources and the lists of these alone are gold for any preacher researching for an upcoming sermon. As always, you need to be careful not to slavishly follow another person’s outline without ensuring the doctrinal and interpretive issues align with yours (or those of your denomination).

Prior to reading the book I was concerned that it would be the type of resource that could be used by those too lazy to put their own work into a passage. Fortunately, the outlines are not so extensive that they could be taken and used word for word.

Probably the best way to use a resource like this is to read the chapters that would be relevant to any sermon you are preparing either after you’ve researched and written your first outline (thus giving you another point of view before going on), or using it very early in your preparation and then putting it away until just before writing the final draft.

For me, the part of highest value was to read the wedding and funeral passages. It’s always helpful to get new ideas in these areas.

Overall, this is a good tool for preachers… as long as it is correctly used.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for a free copy of the e-book in exchange for my honest review.