Session Two – A Unified Army

2 July 2015

Boundless Congress – Session Two

Summary to be found here

Here are my pictures as I managed to sneak my camera in… along with about a thousand other people!

Boundless – Session One

1 July 2015

Session 1 Programme

What a laugh. I’ve no photos to put up because the programme was very specific. DSLR and high end near DSLR cameras are not allowed in the O2 arena. So I left mine behind at the accommodation as I didn’t want to have to check it in and then pick it up afterwards… then I look around and every man and his dog have DSLR’s around their necks. Oh well, there’s always Session Two!

It was a great start. A little bit of drama, a lot of spectacular multi-media, and the entrance of all the flags with representative delegates. General Andre and Commissioner Sylvia Cox had entered first and they took the salutes of all the nations involved.

O Boundless Salvation was sung, obviously, with the help of the International Staff Band and three powerful testimonies followed.

I have to say that this General speaks well, he speaks good sense, and he speaks powerfully. His message was worth listening to, so if you can, get a copy. I’m sure it’s available. At the very least have a look at the summary in the newsletter that came out the day after.

Hong Kong to London Heathrow

29/30 June 2015

Having raved in a previous post about the quality of my gluten free meal on Cathay Pacific I now have to say that perhaps the meals coming out of New Zealand are simply better than those leaving Hong Kong.

No pictures for this post so just a quick update:

Having intentionally not slept the first leg I intentionally did this leg. Some of it before we actually left the tarmac (We sat on the tarmac for about 45 minutes waiting for airspace above China to be clear??) But we still got to Heathrow quicker than the delegates on the plane before us (because they ended up with a gate change and numerous other issues)

And we got there with all our luggage (which Commissioner Robert Donaldson from the earlier/later flight didn’t!

All in all an OK but long flight. It was nice to see London when we got there.

Cheers… Paul

P.S. If you’re wondering why I’m doing this in post form instead of just putting random photos up on facebook, it’s because I want a chronological diary to go over later.

Hong Kong Airport

29 June 2015

Quickly, said Brenton Millar – “I was supposed to have got a group photo at Auckland, let’s take it here instead.”

Ever the servant I offered to take it (mostly because it kept me out of it!)


Hong Kong Airport

This place is huge,,, and amazing…



And even after midnight there seem to be planes leaving every five minutes or so!

I’m tired but keeping up with the idea of not sleeping at this stage. Happily we’re in a little group (John & Marie Dawson, Judith Bennett and James Gardner) and the chat is helping.

Anyway, next stop… London – Can’t wait.

Cheers… Paul

Hamilton to Hong Kong

29 June 2015

They’re off, and the old lady fainted! – Well… not quite.

But yes, Raewyn and I are on our way. London, then Europe, here we come.

Hamilton to Auckland

A massive thanks to Kay Worth for picking us up bright and early this morning. Yes Kay was bright and the time was early, and taking us all the way to Auckland International Airport. The experience of going an extra time around a roundabout at the airport and still taking the wrong exit wasn’t your fault Sunshine. I reckon we should let the planners out there to get better signage.

Auckland to Hong Kong


Only about 18 or 19 Boundless delegates on this flight to Hong Kong. And then at Hong Kong we end up on two different flights to go on to London.

Cathay Pacific have been great. I love the way the seats recline by having the seat bottom move away from the back. It means you don’t get cramped behind someone who wants to lie all the way back.

It’s interesting what people watch on flights. Now what happens on board stays on board, so no names, but one person has managed to continuously watch The Great British Bake Off. (Actually, I have to say it’s the only cooking show on TV that I would watch myself – Good choice you!)


The food on board has been excellent with my gluten free meals being very tasty. (Often airline gluten free can taste a little of cardboard so this was a pleasant surprise for me.)

I’m making a special effort not to sleep on this leg as the next leg is about 12 hours and arrives at Heathrow early morning. I’m figuring that if I can sleep as much as possible on the Hong Kong – London leg my internal clock should get a head start at adjusting… Well, that’s the plan anyway.

The next post should be about Hong Kong airport.

Cheers all… Paul

Three Nights and Counting



Last day of work…

Too much to do and too little time… even though we’ve known for ages we’re going. (And yes Janice, I will still get those things to you… probably on Sunday)


Just in case you, my loyal reader, (note the singular notation as opposed to plural), don’t know what’s going on, Raewyn and I are off to Boundless congress in London. Boundless is The Salvation Army’s international congress being held in early July. The Army has now been going for 150 years and this is a big celebration with 15,000 Salvationists from around the world gathering together at the O2 Arena. It should be a great time.

After that, we’re taking leave and spending quite a bit of time on trains.

Places we’re going to get to see are:

  • Kent;
  • Vienna;
  • Budapest;
  • Prague;
  • Munich;
  • Zurich;
  • Milan;
  • Paris; and
  • Hong Kong

I’ll post photos as we go, dependent mainly on the ability to get free wifi but I suspect that shouldn’t be a major problem… Only time will tell.

Four Big Sleeps to Go

London, here we come!

Only four big sleeps to go…

Until we head off to London…

And on to further destinations.

Oh my bags are packed (NOT)
I’m ready to go (NOT)

Oh well, there’s still time to get sorted… isn’t there?

Go here to see our amazing itinerary.

If I can get sufficient free wifi I’ll post posts regularly.